This is for the old through hole version, if you still have one.
The new version is available from the github repository.


The DIY Neutron Orgone Accumulator
a unique complex digital oscillator built on a PJRC teensy 3.1 ARM processor.

Designed for euro format modular synthesizers.

There is also a factory built version. The retail module is professionally manufactured in the US by WMD. It has added CV inputs to control the wavetable selection (including modulator), and the effect modes can be selected directly

Available at these retailers:
Foxtone Music(US) | MeMe Antenna(US) | Analog Haven(US) | Control Voltage(US) | Matttech Modular(UK) | Post Modular(UK)
or ask your WMD retailer.

Custom panels for both versions can often be found at Magpie modular.

New DIY orgone accumulator manual

Muff Wiggler: original thread and demos

Build Thread:

PDF Build Manual :

Code on github

Craig Lee (CLee) special 4u board and panel!

Layout PDF for adapting other formats
youtube playlist:
soundcloud demo playlist:

artist tracks made with orgone accumulator playlist:

BOM (components list)

Neutron Orgone Accumulator Board only

Neutron Orgone Accumulator Board+Panel

2014 J.Matheson [DeFex,Neutron7]