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DuoFonik is a dual version of the Fonik SSM2044 board (with some added spice)

Here is a nice Write up on a build by Richard Brewster on his excellent modular pages.

The main differences are that both filters can be controlled together, inverting inputs are available, and the mix output.

Used in combination, this allows the output to be not only low pass, but high pass and band pass like as well.

There is also a "divergence" control voltage input which will modulate the filters in opposite directions.

The board is 4.2 x 2.1 inches so it can be mounted flat with standoffs in most formats of modular panel.


Now available:

Euro adapter!
build a duofonik in euro format without any wiring, includes attenuverters for frequency and resonance inputs, and extensive normalling.

BOM is below main BOM and ordering is at the bottom of this page..

HOLES only front panel express file

HOLES and SUGGESTED TEXT front panel express file

V-Carve pro file provided by "grizzle" (will provide other format after testing)

prototype pictures.

Soundcloud examples.


1:The rev1 board has a small error. please place a jumper instead of "c9" this is a stability capacitor, which is usually not needed, but if your op amp oscillates, then you can solder the capacitor between pins 13 and 14 of U2

This error is fixed in 1.1 boards

2: the output A and B are mixed up, B goes to A output jack, and A goes to B output jack


External connections are just a suggestion, as used on my panel. of course you are free to use multiple pots instead of pots+switches, or set it up as a simple dual filter with no master controls, or even use 2 of them with shared master controls, as a 4 channel filter for polyphony.


Wiring diagram for building with a setup like this panel.


Connector labels and their meanings.
A Res CV CV Filter A resonance control voltage
  A+B Filter A and filter B resonance control voltage
A Q POT A Filter A resonance potentiometer anticlockwise
  W " wiper
  C " Clockwise
A + B Q Pot A Filter A + filter B resonance potentiometer anticlockwise
  W "wiper
  C "clockwise
A Cut POT A Filter A and  filter A+ B cutoff frequency pot anticlockwise
  W Filter A and  cutoff frequency pot wiper
  A+B W filter A+ B cutoff frequency pot wiper
  C Filter A and  filter A+ B cutoff frequency pot iclockwise
A cut CV 1 Filter A cutoff frequency CV 1
  2 Filter A cutoff frequency CV 2
  A+B Filter A and Filter B cutoff frequency CV
A IN + Filter A input noninverting
  - Filter A input inverting
A Res CV GND Ground connection for jacks and pots.
  CV filter B resonance control voltage
B Q POT A Filter B resonance potentiometer anticlockwise
  W " wiper
  C " Clockwise
B Cut POT A Filter B cutoff frequency anticlockwise
  W " wiper
  C " Clockwise
B cut CV 1 Filter B cutoff frequency CV 1
  2 Filter B cutoff frequency CV 2
  div Divergence. filters are modulated in opposite directions.
B in + Filter B input noninverting
  - filter A input inverting
  A Filter A out [see rev1.0 errata]
  B Filter B out [see rev1.0 errata]
  MIX Mix output.



euroadapter components

 Click on image to download front panel express file.

Note the countersunk head holes. these are for countersunk Allen head M3 DIN74B screws which will fit in standoffs. they are perfectly aligned for the board.

Front panel express now allows you to order with standoffs so you dont need screws on the front panel
Here is the file same as above but with standoffs.

if you create a euro, MU or other version please let me know on muffwiggler forums and I will add it here.



paypal is set up to prevent over ordering of items i do not have in stock, You will need the first item to build the duophonic no matter what, the second is for the duofonik with euroadapter, and the third for people who already have a duofonik and only need the euroadapter.

Duofonik board only
You must provide SSM 2044s.

2015 J.Matheson [DeFex,Neutron7]